Starting a new small business?

We can help, expediting you onto your successes and speeding to realize profits.

Our team will advise you to what steps need to be done, reducing time you normal need to learn on your own. Limit your errors by drawing on our expertise and resources. Our experienced business advising, professional partnerships and resources optimize your time so you can produce more, work more effectively and efficiently, and concentrate on what will make your business more successful from the start.

We assist you with; website domain search and management, company I.D. and branding, design and printing of company collateral, website development and hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), NDA or non-compete contracting. Colortec will help you to hit the ground running, in the correct direction and with valid consulting principles.

We have affordable packages that will fit your budget. Whether you contract us for an all-inclusive package or for only limited needs, when we are finished, your new company will have:

  •   A professionally designed company logo
  •   Your business cards, letterhead and envelopes
  •   Logo apparel embellishment to strongly represent your brand
  •   A direct marketing postcard or a tri-fold brochure, a customer friendly Open Source website
  •   Professional industry contacts to keep your business running.

Overwhelmed? Hire us to manage your social network marketing and email messaging. For affordable rates, and for much less than hiring a dedicated employee assigned to promoting your business, we will post your business’ news and industry trends to selected social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Stop wasting time, and stop wasting money by doing it on your own!