The printing industry is increasingly becoming more and more aware of how it affects our environment. The enormous depletion of our world’s forests as a result of the harvesting and milling processes of paper both have had a negative impact on our planet.

For a long time we believed that using recycled paper was the best way to reduce the adverse impact. Few customers chose this option because recycled paper is more expensive relative to

non-recycled sheets. This fact is especially true when using paper with a larger content of post-consumer waste. Now through years of research we’ve learned a better way.

Colortec Print & Design resources include manufacturers that are Forest Stewardship Council® Certified. When your project displays the FSC® logo your recipient will be assured that your company has made every effort to minimize all environmental impacts in its production. Please visit their site to learn this group’s outstanding work in our world’s environment.

A second important environmentally friendly resource is Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. Please visit SFI® site to learn more.

More and more items within the printing and promotional give away industries are becoming environmentally conscious. Specially manufactured eco-friendly writing instruments and biodegradable or recycled packaging are become more prevalent.

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Manufacturers of apparel are also introducing more lines of manufactured items using organic cotton. Organically grown cotton uses beneficial insects and biological practices to replace environmental damaging insecticides and pesticides.

For your next trade show consider Colortec Print & Design to supply you with organically grown cotton t-shirts or sport shirts to wear during the show, a FSC® certified printed brochure and a recycled pen to hand to your prospects, creatively packaged in a biodegradable bag.

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