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What does single source solutions mean? To our clients, it means they can count on us to provide them with expert advice, service and project completion on time and on budget. We can take any project from concept to completion. With over 25 years of industry experience, our clients are confident in our ability to help them develop an innovative & creative concept, create inspiring designs, correctly fit a print solution to the project, and manage all required steps. We have maintained successful, productive client relationships since 1989, working hard as their partner in their success!

Web-Based Solutions –

Colortec can take your printed project to a visitor enhanced online experience. We offer website development at very affordable rates, but we can also add to your website's current success with Facebook integration, mobile device ready pages, flash based page-turning, page-flipping publishing, eCommerce and shopping cart integration.

Graphic Design –

Colortec has experience working with many S & P top 500 businesses in the Bay Area. Our core client base comes from medium and small businesses where Project Managers, Marketing Directors or their MarComms depend on us for creative designs, inspiring ideas, and “out-of-the-box” thinking. Our portfolio includes corporate ID packages, catalogs, brochures, mailers, flyers, postcards, website design and more.

Photo Styling –

Beginning in the late 1990’s, we have managed our clients photography work by partnering only with the best local commercial photographers. We cover all aspects of a client's photo shoot from props, to set design/styling and product styling.

Direct Mail and Mail Fulfillment –

Whether we are involved in creating/designing a direct mail piece or if we are contracted to manage the campaign: Colortec can handle the project's design and address cleanup so that undeliverable addresses are limited, mail processing is geared toward the least cost per mailed piece, addressing and mail drop. (back to top)

Print Management –

Generally agency work attempts to make the design proofs of a project look great, yet often the pressman on press cannot accomplish what has been created. Print houses typically have to “bail-out” the project in the background by correcting design files so they will print correctly. Conversely, we manage your projects with expert direction, beginning with creative designing aimed at effective printing, and always look to find the best fit at the lowest cost. (back to top)

Inventory Management -

Colortec also offeres professional advisement regarding current inventory levels, past history usage and expenditures, and planning of future orders. We pride ourselves on saving our clients money in determining the best order quantity, budgeting orders based on correct usage information, and avoiding risk and costs related to overstocking and obsolesce. (back to top)

Email Marketing –

We can manage your email marketing program and goals to keep in contact with your customer or prospect list. Our ideas are designed to gain prospect interest, retain client attention, and increase your sales. (back to top)

Print Production –

When our clients send us digital print-ready files, we are able to review files and determine if problems exist prior to going to press. Very often we are able to quickly fix an issue to a file and see our clients’ project continue to a successful conclusion. Because of our extensive pre-press and printing experience, we can reduce the chance that you will be unhappy with the finished printed project. (back to top)

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